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There are some cemeteries that require bronze markers.  Every bronze piece produced is a handcrafted work of art.  We bronze is cast during a state-of-the-art manufacturing process to produce a superior quality product.  A diverse selection of styles and designs are available.

bronze headstonebronze memorial marker

Marble and Brownstone

There are situations in which a customer may prefer an alternative to granite and bronze.   If the cemetery will permit, some families may select a memorial made of marble or brownstone.  This is most common in restoration projects for the century old memorials in cemeteries.   If this appeals to you, we offer the finest crafted marble from Carerra, Italy.  Beautiful statuary is also available hand carved by Italian Artisans.  Access to brownstone pieces is available from a local quarry as well.

red marblemarble in white white marble


Typically, memorials today are made of excellent quality granite.    The lettering and carving into granite have excellent results and maintain well over time for an everlasting memorial. Granite Color Options: There are many granite color options available, both with and without a polished finish. 

There are many color options for granite memorials.
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