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Traditional Upright Monument – This is the type of monument that you would commonly see in most cemeteries.  It consists of a monument resting on a base.  There are options for different styles of tops.

Slants – These typically have a face that is cut on a 45 degree angle and the back of the stone is straight.  They stand approximately 16 to 18  inches high.  They can be placed on a base for additional height or set directly on the foundation/ground.

Flush or Flat Markers – These lay flush with the ground.  They are normally 4” thick and are available in many sizes.  Some sections of cemeteries require a Flush Marker for the grave site. 

Raised Markers or Bevels -  These normally rest on the foundation/ground and are raised up 6-10” off the ground.  The bevel styles is cut on a slight angle.

Benches – The bench is offered in many sizes and styles. The tops and legs are sometimes curved and others are straight. 

Crosses – There are many cross design options available where the memorial is in actually shaped into a cross. 

Custom Shaped Memorials – Many different cuts and styles are available beyond the scope of traditional memorials.  Some families have selected memorials shaped like shamrocks, teardrops, ovals, etc.

Mausoleum – These are an above the ground building where people are entombed, as opposed to being buried in the ground.

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